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Rapha Custom: A Review

October 18, 2019

Five years ago was the last time we made a kit. In those five years the amount of custom cycling kit manufacturers has seemed to double. Everyone is now offering exclusivity, premium cuts, aero dynamics, and low minimums. With all these choices, and the old kit showing signs of wear, it was time to make a new kit and put one of those manufacturers to the test.

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August 18, 2019

Slum and I were at the Bombtrack Groundwork event last week and there was a mass of new bikes, 32 total. One of those stood out from the rest and it wasn’t even designed for myself, or any other adult, to ride. The Bombtrack Beyond: Junior was created so kids didn’t have to stay home while the parental units were out getting rad.

To me this seems like a logical product for a bike manufacturer to create. Honestly, who’s Facebook feed isn’t filled with baby photos and announcements? We’re all getting older and starting families, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop going on adventures and Bombtrack realized that.


August 7, 2019

It’s already been one week and I feel like a lot has already happened. I’ve been spending this first week with family in Hunsrück and riding down to the Rhein river and taking in the castle scenery and long 10 mile climbs back home. The local hot loop that everyone hits up is a 38km dedicated bike path through the woods and surrounding farmland. So of course I’ve been hitting that up on days where I can only get in something short. They just had a big techno festival, Nature 1, along the bike path which lead to lots of Raver Dodging.



July 31, 2019

Remember summer vacation as a kid? Endless days spent riding bikes, jumping in swimming holes, carefree days where your parents let you roam free. That is what is in store for Wheel Talk in the next few days. We are headed to Germany for some chill vibes, bike rides, catching up with friends, and of course… beer.

Stayed tuned for more! 

Wheel Talk x Rapha: The 2019 Kit

April 1, 2019

It’s been 3 years since we released a new kit. Not only have we been waiting for the right time but we have also been hunting for the right manufacturer to make the kits. Having worked with two companies previously we either had issues with high minimums or not exactly the quality we were expecting. We were looking for something that we felt would match the care we put into the brand. Luckily Rapha decided to step their toes into the custom game right at the same time we were relaunching the website and Wheel Talk brand. Being friends of the Rapha brand we were quickly put in touch with their lead creatives to see what we could come up with. After some emails and some toying around with their editing tool we were able to come up with a style that we were happy with. Also, knowing that it will get produced with Rapha quality leaves us with no worry that the finished product will be what we envisioned.

We hope y’all are as happy with this as we are. Pre-orders will be open all month with an 8 week lead time. All orders will be shipped priority mail once they arrive.

Happy riding everyone!

Wheel Talk Jersey Mens


Out of stock



  • Anti-bacterial treatment keeps jersey fresh
  • High-wicking fabric keeps you cool
  • Mesh under pockets for breathability
  • SPF50 and for sun protection
  • Reflective piping on back pocket
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Wheel Talk Bibs Mens


Out of stock



  • Locked in – wide leg gripper with silicone for secure, low profile finish
  • Comfortable dual-density chamois pad
  • Lightweight, high-wicking Lycra
  • Low profile bonded shoulder straps

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Getting Dirty With Valence Bicycles

December 1, 2016

Two weeks ago, while I was in California, I had the opportunity to test a ride from Valence Bicycles and chat with Shawn the brains behind it all.

From what I could tell on the internet it was a bike with race-like geometry that could accommodate 32mm tires and had disc brakes. I figured a typical “gravel grinder” but looks are deceiving, and the cover of a book rarely tells its story.

Creative Cleaning With Carbon Pro Sports

October 12, 2015

Living in an apartment has its pro’s and con’s. As a cyclist one of the major con’s for me is trying to clean my bike. I’m not a fan of the “shower wash” because I’d have to spend an additional 10-20 minutes cleaning all the grime out of the tub, and unfortunately I live in an apartment complex with no hose hook-ups. I could take my bike to a local shop and pay them to wash it, but that can get pricey over time, and it’s not that hard to clean a bike yourself. The cheapest way to get around this apartment dilemma is getting a hand pump from Home Depot and filling it with hot tap water to do the cleaning myself.

Not NAHBS But Still NAHBs

April 6, 2015
A few weeks back while everyone was posting their NAHBS write-ups I spent the afternoon with local custom frame builder Matt Mowat of Paramour Bicycles. It was a good afternoon with great conversation ranging from bikes, bike history, frame building, beer, and places to ride in Austin.