Creative Cleaning With Carbon Pro Sports

October 12, 2015

Living in an apartment has its pro’s and con’s. As a cyclist one of the major con’s for me is trying to clean my bike. I’m not a fan of the “shower wash” because I’d have to spend an additional 10-20 minutes cleaning all the grime out of the tub, and unfortunately I live in an apartment complex with no hose hook-ups. I could take my bike to a local shop and pay them to wash it, but that can get pricey over time, and it’s not that hard to clean a bike yourself. The cheapest way to get around this apartment dilemma is getting a hand pump from Home Depot and filling it with hot tap water to do the cleaning myself.

The major draw back to using one of these pumps, because they are intended for bug spray use, is that they pack a very low PSI,  which makes it hard to really blast off the dirt. This is where the products from Carbon Pro Sports come in. I spray down the bike with hot water, which starts loosening the initial dirt and grime. After this, I use their spray-on bike wash, and it works so well that you really don’t have to do much work with a sponge. Give it a quick wipe, one more rise with the pump, and your bike will be nice and shiny. Once mine is all dried off I use their spray-on UV protectant to give it an extra layer of protection, and make it sparkle just a bit more.

Cleaning your chain and cassette is just as easy – thanks again to Carbon Pro Sports and their spray-on chain cleaner. This is a really strong solvent that makes cleaning built up grease and road grime a breeze without damaging any carbon components you may have. Speaking of not damaging things, their entire product line is eco-friendly, and designed to be biodegradable so you can clean your bike and apply new lubricant without fear of damaging your the natural surroundings.

Using the products from Carbon Pro Sports will make the task of cleaning and maintaining your bike 100% easier than before, especially if you get one of the more expensive 12 volt portable pressure washers to solve your apartment bike cleaning dilemma, or if you live somewhere with a hose hookup.