SF 2 Germany: Week 1

August 7, 2019

It’s already been one week and I feel like a lot has already happened. I’ve been spending this first week with family in Hunsrück and riding down to the Rhein river and taking in the castle scenery and long 10 mile climbs back home. The local hot loop that everyone hits up is a 38km dedicated bike path through the woods and surrounding farmland. So of course I’ve been hitting that up on days where I can only get in something short. They just had a big techno festival, Nature 1, along the bike path which lead to lots of Raver Dodging.

Slum arrived on the 6th and I’m meeting up with him on the 8th. We’ll be staying with out friend Jason until we head to the Bombtrack Groundwork event on Sunday the 11th. Last year I was able to attend for a day, and being invited back again to demo all their 2020 bikes in the forests of Breibach is an honor.