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November 4, 2012

Steven Jensen enjoyed riding w/ us in Seattle so much that he decided to come back to the Bay Area w/ us to catch some last minute clips for Shredwell 2. Mike Schmitt and I filmed w/ him for a few days in San Francisco, while we worked on wrapping up editing SW2. I’m sure glad he came back w/ us, because he has some of the most technical clips in the video. Be sure to check out Jensen making a heavy appearance in the friends section of Shredwell 2.


April 22, 2012

I took this picture of Jonah Kessel’s SADIO Booster Fork, while he was up here in the city a few weeks ago. The Booster Fork is probably one of my favorite parts from SADIO, and is available in Optimus Prime colors. (420ac, 430ac) This Spring, they’ll have an entire line up of Light products. I don’t know how they can make this fork any lighter than it already is. Especially when it is one of the lightest forks on the market.


April 13, 2012

Sadio Bikes welcomes Jonah Kessel as the newest member to the AM Team. Kessel came up to San Francisco to film this edit with me over spring break. We spent 2 days filming in SF, and another day hanging out + riding in SJ, with the natives. The kid has some mad style for only being 14 years old. It’s young kids like this that are going to keep this sport alive and well.


April 9, 2012

Here’s a look at Jonah Kessel’s fresh set of SADIO Viper Rims (32mm). I took this while he was staying in San Francisco last weekend to spend some time filming with me. I love rims that are drilled offset and have eyelets for added strength. The last thing I want is spokes pulling through, and volcanoing the rim.


April 4, 2012

Mike Schmitt took this photo of me riding one of the abandoned military bunkers lining the coast of San Francisco. I’ve been riding SADIO parts + components for nearly a year now, and I’m still on all the same parts I started with. The guys out there in Thailand are all homies, and the SADIO Team is one of the best in the business. They’ve got a whole new line up of light products coming out in Spring. Keep your eyes out for that and much more coming out from them in the near future.


February 28, 2012

I’ve been running the same pair of Sadio Swoop Cranks for the past 9 months now, and I haven’t had a single problem with them. I used to go through crank sets every few months, either from bending or twisting crank arms, but these Sadio Cranks have withstood quite the beating, and lived to talk about it. With an added pedal gusset, these guys are built to last. If you’re in the market for cranks, save yourself the trouble, and get 175’s. Screw toe clearance, it’s all about torque. Best upgrade I’ve ever made.


January 22, 2012

I recently just switched out my Hot Bars for a pair of the SADIO 420 Bars to test em’ out and see how they feel. I’ve only been running them for less than a week, but I can already tell I’m going to like the extra rise, and length. Check out more below.


November 10, 2011

SADIO BIKES welcomes Scott Horton to the Team, as their newest addition to the International lineup. He’s been putting in work on his PFIX w/ Sadio Components ever since we got them in the mail a few months back. Scott pedals hard into everything he ride, and has some interesting tricks up his sleeve, the hop through the bars to peg ride being one of them. Check out his page on the Sadio site HERE.