The Stolen Ride

December 4, 2014

It was a rainy Thursday morning when I got to work in San Francisco. For the past few weeks I have been doing my new daily commute of taking CalTrain from Gilroy to San Francisco and then taking CalTrain to San Jose after work and riding the remaining 21 miles to Gilroy. On this Thursday I locked my bike up like I had multiple times before. I had a couple of assumptions. First, I never had any issues locking up my bike at work since the bike rack was wedged between our building and Charles Schwab building. Why should today be any different?  Second, I figured since there were two cameras pointed at the racks no one would really try to steal a bike in such a high traffic/high visibility site. With these security measures why should I use the bike cage in the garage of the building?

I was wrong, and when I came out mid-day to check on my bike all that remained was half of a U-lock. My bike had been stolen and I found it hard to hold back the tears. I immediately filed a police report and posted the information on all social media streams. This was two weeks ago and I haven’t heard anything. Work insurance won’t cover it. Homeowners insurance isn’t helping out either, so at this point I have basically lost faith in the bike being found.

The Focus Izalco Pro served me well, but now begins the process of bike shopping, and saving up money for a new bike. Hopefully I get a new ride soon as I was hoping to continue racing in 2015 and get in some great long distance rides. I learned that no matter how safe you are or are trying to be bike thieves in San Francisco will eventually get your bike. Also, renters insurance with a higher deductible is always a smart thing to have. Two things I will remember when purchasing a new bike and new bike lock.

I would like to say thank you to my good friend Kyle for hooking me up with a loaner bike so I can still make the commute. I’d also like to thank everyone in the bike community for keeping an eye open and helping spread the word. Everyone’s generosity is welcomed and it is not overlooked.