September 1, 2014

After more than 3 months of surfing the couches at our pad in Alameda, Dew Sippawit & Jaoa Danaikrit reluctantly flew back to Thailand last month. We celebrated their final day in the States by kicking back and cutting loose at the local skatepark. A couple of dudes from San Jose drove up the day before to ride and bid the Thai boys a proper farewell. We stacked a ton of footage while they were here, and just got back from a trip to China, so keep your eyes peeled for more of Dew & Jaoa coming in the near future. Read more and check out some stills from the video below.

Alameda Skatepark - Dew Sippawit - Tuck No Hander

Alameda Skatepark_Anthony Combs - Feeble Smith

Alameda Skatepark - Jimmy Watcha - Suicide No Hander

Alameda Skatepark - Cameron - Feeble Barspin

Alameda Skatepark - Dew Sippawit - Turndown

Alameda Skatepark - Jaoa Danaikrit - Barspin Tiretap

Alameda Skatepark - Jaoa Danaikrit - Nose Manual

Alameda Skatepark - Matt Reyes - 450

Alameda Skatepark - Mike Schmitt - Crank Arm

Alameda Skatepark - Mike Schmitt - Handplant

Alameda Skatepark - Peter Van Nguyen - Pegs To 180

Alameda Skatepark Thumbnail

Song : The Bilinda Butchers – Haibby (Ft.Tiny Microphone)

Date : 08.03.2014

Riders :
Dew Sippawit
Jaoa Danaikrit
Matt Reyes
Mike Schmitt
Jimmy Watcha
Anthony Combs
Peter Van Nguyen
Ramon Antonio III
Kameron Boun