Rapha Cycle Club SF

April 26, 2011

With the coming of the summer and Grand Tour season comes the opening of two new Rapha Cycle Club locations.  Last year saw London and New York City hosting these locations. This year Mallorca has already been announced, and has been open for a bit now.  I am proud to announce to all of our readers that the second location will be in San Francisco! Not only that, but yours truly will be working there on the weekends and during special shop events! All good bike shops should have the ability to serve a great cappuccino and some biscotti, and the Rapha Cycle Club will be no different.  Rapha has partnered with Four Barrel to provide some of the best artisan coffee in the Bay Area! Four Barrel is one of those companies that does everything right from their sourcing all the way to their actual cafe.  Food will be provided by Tell Tale Preserve Company another great San Francisco based company that specializes in pastries like you wouldn’t believe!  Need a quick meal? Try the Rebel Within. It’s a Parmesan- and Asiago-cheese muffin studded with little nubs of Boccalone breakfast sausage and a whole Glaum Ranch egg, poached so that its yolk oozes you cut into it baked into the middle.  These two things alone would be enough reason for me to stop by on a daily basis. Need more reasons? Do you like beer? Beer goes hand in hand with cycling and there’s nothing better than watching the pros decimate the field while sitting back enjoying a nice cold ale! Come in and socialize with other fellow cyclists about that day’s stage, or even if you aren’t into cycling come in for a good beer and learn a little about cycling, we’re a nice bunch! If you enjoy a good ride too we will be having shop rides as well!  I will be posting updates when the details of the shop rides are decided upon and when we are having special events!  Stop by the shop May 5th and say hello!