I’ll see if someone else can write something here. Until then I’ll just add some videos below and let my bike do the talking.

Summer 2017 in Portland Oregon. Most of this footage was shot during the filming of the “Still Pourland” video and is featured in it, but some of it isn’t, so here’s a remix. There will be a premiere for it in SF on 09.01.2018, otherwise you can pre-order it and wait until the 4th for it to ship. Until then, enjoy this.

Fixed Gear Freestyle has done a lot for me over the years and it still continues to give. Good times, chill vibes and an endless reason to explore new places. This video was filmed in the first few months of 2017 back when I still lived in San Francisco. Shout out to the homies Mike, Jaoa & Ramon for going out and filming. Shooting these things is always a team sport.