Jake Lanich is an all out riot. If you’ve ever met the man, you know what I mean. He’s like an unstoppable fixie force that has the Hyphy movement flowing through his veins. Sacaframa’s finest now resides in San Francisco where you can find him doing wheelies, hanging out in a parklet, and drinking a mixture of Patron / Hennessy. Don’t ask me why he loves the combo, but it must be working because he’s only getting better. Must be all that time spent training at The Island.

Brotha Lanich. Live and direct in San Francisco. This welcome to the team video is long overdue, but it’s better late than never. Shout out to Jake for being the amazing human being he is and for putting the scene on to the “SUUUUPER SLIDERRRR”. Anyways, press play, have fun and we’ll see you out there.

Jake Lanich loves to keep it fixie and is always running the lightest parts on his bikes. In this episode, Jake walks us through his MASH AC1 build in SF’s financial district. A prime backdrop. Especially when the sun is reflecting off the glass buildings at the end of the day. I’m pretty sure it’s decided that those backwards pedaling super sliders are Jake’s signature trick. Anyways, we can’t pump up Jake enough, he’s one funny dude, and an even better friend to ride with.