Andy Sparks has been one of our favorite dudes on a bike. He’s like one of those Poke’mon that chose not to evolve and is now a lvl. 99 Charmander or something. When everybody else was making the switch to 26″ wheels, Andy stayed true to his fixie roots and kept riding 700’s. Fast forward to present day and the fixed gear community has come full circle. Right back to doing tricks on track bikes again. Leaving Andy Sparks light years ahead of the curve when it comes to technical ability and his insanely deep bag of tricks. Not only is he mad decent on 2 wheels, but he’s just about the nicest dude you’ll ever meet. If you want to get to know Andy a little better, we suggest you check out his video bike check below. It give a nice insight into Andy’s cool breeze attitude.

Andy Sparks breaks down his Fixed Gear Freestyle setup part by part, and walks us through every little detail. Andy’s bike has become an iconic part of him and has remained relatively unchanged for nearly a decade. After shooting this with him, it’s easy to see why he loves this build so much and it’s clear that Andy not only rides hard, but also knows how to take care of his things. In words of the man himself, “ride em until they don’t ride anymore.”