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January 9, 2024

With MAXFXD in town from Australia, we decided to take the Bart over to Oakland to ride bikes with our friends in the East Bay. It had basically been years since I last rode with everyone in Oakland, so it ended up feeling like a family reunion. At least that’s how it felt on my end.

The last video I posted on my YouTube channel was on Jan 26, 2022, so we’re just shy of two full years since I last uploaded anything. All that is about to change. I have a few videos already lined up and I’m going to start uploading more to this channel, so turn on notifications, like, subscribe, do whatever feels right and I’ll see you out there. ✌️


January 8, 2024

Wow, here we are, blog post number 954. We’ve come a long way and it feels good to be back in here sharing photos for all of you. I’m not even entirely sure if people still read and follow blogs, but I’ve always found the Wheel Talk website as a useful resource when it comes to pulling up images at a moment’s notice. All that being said, let’s get to the reason why we’re here. MAXFXD came to the Bay Area, so we made sure his trip was complete with a trip over to Oakland so that he could see more than just San Francisco. SF is great, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t have the same textural quality that Oakland carries. I’ll be sharing a video edit from this day tomorrow, so stay tuned, and keep your eyes peeled for that coming out on my YouTube channel.

While you wait, click into this post to check out more photos.


December 2, 2020

Tomorrow morning we’re dropping the video from this day so I figured I’d share some photos prior to its release. Shout out to all the homies here in San Francisco who have been a pillar of strength and support for both me and each other over the years. I can’t imagine where we’d be if it wasn’t for these bikes we ride and the good times we have because of it. It’s truly a cornerstone to which this house was built.

The squad continues to grow and so does our group chat which blows up 70% of the day. Haha. It’s a beautiful thing. Anthony Combs came out and brought with him his yellow Grime G.O.A.T build which is a staple in the FGFS frame lineage and a true blast from the past. Joshua Boothby came out of retirement and his riding makes it look like he never left. Josh Silva did donuts and jumped over his car at one point. Jimmy Watcha came through with the quick-hitting combos at 3rd & Army. And Andy Sparks laid down some of his signature moves in his even more signature attire. Anyways, keep your eyes peeled for the video release and we’ll catch you next time. Be good.



September 8, 2020

Picking up where we left off. Last month I moved back to San Francisco. After nearly a decade of living here, and 4 years spent living in other cities I can honestly and confidently say that SF is the best and only real city on the West Coast. Good vibes and great friends are a hard thing to find everywhere you go, but the Bay Area has it in abundance.

On Saturday (September 5th 2020) we all got together at “The Island” and made our way up Market street to session both Wallenberg & The Museums in GGP. The gang finally convinced me to get back on my FGFS bike, and I must say… I’m sure glad they did. I almost forgot what it felt like to ride this bike and how much it raises my spirits. It’s like the old saying, “you never forget how to ride a bike”.


January 11, 2012

I was in Wyoming for the Holidays, and I brought along w/ me my bike. Spent some time riding around in what surprisingly little snow there was this year. I even had the chance to ride the new Green River Bike Park which was a park full of snow covered dirt jumps, and ladder runs stretching around its perimeters.