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July 4, 2020

15 Shots. Recently Mike T Schmitt made me aware of a thing called “sprocket photography. Basically shooting full bleed on rolls of 35mm. I already had a medium format camera, my Hasselblad 503CX, but had to order a 35mm adapter to shoot on that 120mm camera. The results were what you see both above and below. This made me remember why I love shooting film in the first place.

Out of a roll of 36 exposures I was able to get 15 shots. These are them. Every last one of them. Again why I love shooting film. Instead of capturing a thousand photos, then coming home and having to sort through everything, you shoot one shot. The shot. Then move on to the next one. It’s incredibly liberating not knowing if you got what you wanted. If it was captured correctly, exposed correctly, in focus, out of focus. It quickly becomes more about the act of doing, than the end result. But when the end result looks like this, who can argue that only shooting 15 shots is such a terrible idea. Haha. I’m sure there are tons of apps out there that try to imitate this effect, but you can’t beat the real feel of film. Riders: Johnathan Ball, Deacon Wong, Marco Marquez, Oscar Lopez



August 15, 2016

120mmShot number 159

I keep a camera on me just about everywhere I go, and ever since I got my hands on a Hasselblad it’s quickly become my everyday carry. So when it came time to fly to Arizona for the Prickly Pear Jam I knew I’d be bringing two things. My FGFS bike and this camera. I’ve traveled to a lot of places and for the most part when it’s hot, it’s humid. But AZ was a dry heat that I don’t think any of us were prepared for. It was by and far one of the most blisteringly hot places I’ve ever been and sent everybody home with either a tan or a sunburn by the end of the jam. 9 hours of riding beneath the desert sun will do that to you. Shout out to Mike T. Schmitt for hosting the event and getting the band back together again.

120MM – ARIZONA 2016

August 13, 2016

120mmShot number 146

120mmShot number 149

I’m not sure how it happens, but everything that’s shot on the Hasselblad 503cx comes out looking like pure gold. Even with film that expired more than 15 years ago. Big thanks to everyone who came out for the event and put up with me constantly herding everyone together for family photos. I know I ask a lot, but having photos to remember these times are worth it in the end. Until next time my dudes.