June 28, 2019

We are strangers to ourselves. Sometimes when I look back at the videos we’ve made there’s a weird disconnect. Even though we were there every step of the way while making it, it’s still a strange out of body experience to watch yourself. Mike Schmitt really did a number on cutting this one together. After picking up an old JVC VHS camera, Mike transcoded the footage we shot onto a S-VHS tape, then recaptured it and edited this video. It really brings together all the clips considering they came from 3 different cameras.

Here’s a photo collage Mike put together using some of the photos I shot. I really like the process photos on the top right and the integration of video clips into the slides. (Click here to see the post in motion) Shout out to Chari & Co. for lacing it up with the sweet gear (Some of which Mike did the graphics for) and giving us a reason to get out and make something.

Filmed by: Mike Schmitt and Matt Reyes.
Edited by: Mike Schmitt.
Bikes by: Mash Transit.
A Turf X Wheel Talk production.
Bikes are fun. This is not an advertisement.