December 30, 2018

420 is a special time of year in San Francisco. It’s celebrated as a national Holiday in The City. We celebrated in our own way by meeting up at the Island (as usual) and riding around until the 420 Alley Cat that they held the day before Mission Crit. Check out that video HERE. Chris “Thrasher” is outta control with those triangle stands downhill. Enough to make your palms sweat just watching the man. Andy sparks stays in the mix and Keo Kid is way too good with those back pedals. It was great having a bunch of people from outta town here for the big crit in The City. Mission Crit is going to be on 420 this year (2019) so mark your calendar and we’ll see you there.

Camera: Sony A7R / Canon 60D / GoPro Hero 6
Lenses: Rokinon 8mm, Sony 70-200mm f/4
Gimbals: Ikan / Zhiyun Rider M

Song1: Mister_Drey – De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium
Song2: Springtide – The Introduction with no word