September 30, 2018

The place: Portland. The purpose: Jaoa Danaikrit’s Birthday. The plan: To have a plan. For Jaoa’s 32n’d birthday we assembeled the team in Portland for a weekend of good times. Devon Lawson & Anthony Combs came up from the Bay Area and Tadashi Nakamura is already here on Vacation for the next month. We cruised around downtown and caught some clips before going out to celbrate more later that night. I’ve been having a ton of fun shooting hyperlaspses while we film, and am stoked on how this day Jammer came out. Shout out to Devin Tolman for coming out to hang for a bit & Jeff Osborn for the tunes.

Tomorrow is Jaoa’s last day here in the US before heading back to Thailand. I’m really going to miss this guy. He’s been living in our house for the last 4 months and our house isn’t going to be the same without him. Until next time my friend. Another good year.