March 31, 2013

Mike Schmitt just recently got his bike back from Puerto Rico after leaving it there for 4 months while he was in recovery. He was out for a while, but is now back in full effect and rides around the city with me. We’ve been filming a ton and plan to drop a little something when the time is right. Read more below to check out the full spec list.

Frame: Grime Bikes Ghost size medium
Bars: Grime Wonka Medicine Man Pro Bars
Fork: Sadio Booster Light 420
Stem: Sadio MTS Rocky Stem
Grips: Cult Vans
Cranks: Sadio
Straps: Burro MTS Mudflaps
Pedals: Animal Medal Sealed
Bottom Bracket: Animal
Headset: Sadio
Seat: Animal
Seat Post: Grove Street Wedge Post
Front Wheel: Alex rim to Sadio Light
Rear Wheel: MTX rim to Rinng Force 9t
Tires: Snafu 2.3 Continental 2.1
Sprocket: Tree Steel 28t