December 6, 2012

Last week I popped off a few photos of my most up to date Specialized PFIX, w/ the help of Anthony Combs. Personally, I don’t think my bike has ever looked this good. Nice and broken in, w/ a hint of battle scars to prove it. Yet still as solid as the day I first put it together. People always ask me when I’m going to get a new frame, and I honestly don’t know. This one has held up for so long, that I don’t plan on switching it out anytime soon. Read More to see what’s good under the hood.
Frame : Specialized PFIX (Medium)
Tire Front : Specialized Rythm lite
Tire Rear : Specialized Compound Control
Hubs : Specialized 10t (Rear) Sadio (Front)
Hoops : Sadio 36 hole
Stem : Specialized P.Series
Bars : Sadio 420
Fork : Sadio Booster Light
Chainring : Sadio 30t
Cranks : 175mm Demos
Pedals : Metal Shadows
Pegs : Sadio Riot
Saddle : Sadio
Straps : YNOT