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September 6, 2022

San Francisco’s legendary Mission Crit popped off over the weekend with 6 days packed full of track bike racing & mayhem. The event tee’d off on Wednesday at Hellyer Velodrome, then moved back up to The City on Thursday with an alleycat + registration. Things then heated up on Friday night with a short circuit race held at an indoor go-kart track. This event brought to life the term “rubbing is racing” as riders were sent over the knee high barricades more than a handful of times (Video evidence HERE).

All of which brought us to Saturday’s main event, the Mission Criterium. Riders from around the globe came to partake in what has become the largest fixed gear race on the planet. With that being said, I’d like to take a moment and give huge shoutout to James Grady, the countless volunteers and everyone who helped to bring the fixed gear community together for this incredibly memorable moment. Things wouldn’t be the same without all of your continuous efforts. (More info on Mission Crit + the Fixed Gear Triple Crown can be found HERE)

After all was said and done there wasn’t a single person without a smile on their face. The course was cleared and the streets that were shutdown for the race were graciously given back to the city until we could do it all over again next year. If racers weren’t tired yet they could look forward to the Tracklocross race on Sunday followed by the “Giro di San Francisco” on Monday. If you raced all 6 days or even showed up to all 6 events, then go ahead and give yourself a massive pat on the back. It’s probably a good time to take it easy as we hopefully exit out of this mind numbing heat wave here in California. 🥵 🏁



July 24, 2016

Beers don’t normally grow on trees, but they might as well have during yesterday’s TCB cross race. The flyer said something about bringing a backpack and a handful of sanitizer, which left us with more than a handful of questions. It was a race around a track that was littered with bicycle debris, trash, feathers and warm beers that were hidden throughout the course. Each lap counted as a point as well as each piece of trash collected along the way. At the end of the 30 minute race the points were tallied and the park looked cleaner than ever. Shout out to RJ Rabe & Ramon for hosting this one and keep an ear to the ground for next month’s.

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April 25, 2016





The homie Jason Sellers (FWD Bound) has been staying at my pad for the last couple weeks and had the chance to shoot photos during the 3rd Annual Mission Crit that happened over the weekend. He compiled 30 images from the day to post here and is headed off to NY tomorrow where he’ll be shooting all the action at the Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn as well. I’m going to miss having this dude around the house, but am looking forward to seeing him in New York next week. Shout out to James Grady for organizing this event and making it more memorable year after year. Read more to check out the other 25 images from the collection.
Photo Credit: Jason Sellers