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Mike Martin


May 11, 2019

Happy Cinco De Mayo Y’all. MASH SF always throws the best events, and on 5.5.19 we all got together in the park to celebrate the Anniversary of the shop on Sanchez st. With a ramp, a race, a bunch of parts for sale and plenty of food to go around we all had a blast getting gassed in the grass. Which looked a lot more green in person. I kinda got a thing against green grass and made it brown instead. (Concrete is king) Keep your eyes peeled for the video that we’ll drop on Monday and until then check out more photos below. CLICK HERE >>


February 8, 2018

It’s hard to believe that this is the camera that we used to film the first Wheel Talk videos. Video cameras sure have come a long way since this. The one redeeming factor of this camera is how small and portable it is. Not to mention the fact that it’s nearly impossible to make video look this shitty anymore.

Anyways, here’s an assortment of pocket clips using the flip cam from the last time I was back home in SF. It always feels good to be back among a sea of familiar faces and visit places with a whole different sense of awareness and appreciation. Hits me right in the feels. Everytime. There’s some clips of John Cardiel sandwhiched in the middle of this from when we were filming the Chrome X Antihero video. Some of my favorite footage in this is of everybody at the MASH STORE just hanging out. It’s such a hub for the community that it’s pretty much a guarantee that some of your friends are already there. Loitering mostly, but playing our part and getting to know eachother better one day at a time. Thanks Mike.