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December 27, 2013

Today I did some digging though our archives and came across this post that was put together but never published. I figured there’s no time like the present, and that we better get this out there before we enter into the new year. A while back Jeff Dempler made it down to Venice Beach, in Southern California for the 2013 Summer Fix. He spent most of his time behind the camera capturing most of the madness that went down that weekend. Jakob Santos blew everyone away with the huge wallrides he was blasting out of the quarter pipe against the handball court. Elliott Milner destroyed the flat rail, Joe Mckeag clicked some dialed tabletops, and our dude Valentin Racho threw barspins over just about every obstacle there. Click the “Read More” button below to check out the rest of Jeff’s photo set.


April 22, 2012

I took this picture of Jonah Kessel’s SADIO Booster Fork, while he was up here in the city a few weeks ago. The Booster Fork is probably one of my favorite parts from SADIO, and is available in Optimus Prime colors. (420ac, 430ac) This Spring, they’ll have an entire line up of Light products. I don’t know how they can make this fork any lighter than it already is. Especially when it is one of the lightest forks on the market.


April 13, 2012

Sadio Bikes welcomes Jonah Kessel as the newest member to the AM Team. Kessel came up to San Francisco to film this edit with me over spring break. We spent 2 days filming in SF, and another day hanging out + riding in SJ, with the natives. The kid has some mad style for only being 14 years old. It’s young kids like this that are going to keep this sport alive and well.


April 11, 2012

Took this shot of Jonah Kessel riding the banked walls out front of the Federal Building in SF. Their pathetic use of skate stops lining the wall don’t really do much other than make it more interesting. Next time, save your government money and just let us ride.


April 9, 2012

Here’s a look at Jonah Kessel’s fresh set of SADIO Viper Rims (32mm). I took this while he was staying in San Francisco last weekend to spend some time filming with me. I love rims that are drilled offset and have eyelets for added strength. The last thing I want is spokes pulling through, and volcanoing the rim.


April 6, 2012

Jonnah Kessel came up to SF to spend some time filming with me this weekend. He got into town yesterday afternoon and will be here until Sunday. Keep your eyes peeled for some big things coming form this little kid.


March 7, 2012

I caught this picture of Jonah Kessel throwing a tuck no hander while we spent the day hanging out in Venice Beach. Jonah has mad bike handling for someone his age, and it’s rippers like him that are going to be the future of the sport.