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May 25, 2020

I speak fixie better than english. Dustin convinced me to speak on camera which is actually pretty rare. I’m in front of the camera occasionally, but I’m always riding a bike which makes it a lot easier. I recently spent an hour with Dustin Klein on his Podcast “Everything’s Been Done” and talked about the past, present and future.  If you’re into long form conversations and got some time on your hands, then perhaps this video is for you. Shout out to DKLEIN for hosting me on his world renowned talk show, I look forward to more chances to hang out and chat. Until next time. 


December 2, 2017

They told us to go kick rocks. So we did. The videos Dustin Klein has been making just keep getting better and better. It’s amazing how small and lightweight cameras have become. One minute it’s in your pocket the next it’s out and rolling. Perfect for on the bike, going the distance, no backpack type of rides. After seeing some stills in the post below, press play and take a look through Dustin’s lens.

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October 30, 2017

Yesterday I linked up with Dustin Klein and went on what I’ll describe as the wildest ride I’ve ever been on. We rode further. Climbed higher. I even wore a bib. Let’s just say it was a day packed full of firsts. Dustin was kind enough to set me up with THIS Ritchy mountain bike for the ride as well as water. Which I didn’t bring. Again, first timer over here.

We crossed over the St. Johns bridge and into the fog. DK lead the charge and pointed out the sights, narrating me through all the important details along the way. It’s always great having somebody local show you the hidden gems around town. I expected the scenery to be pretty amazing moving up to Portland but I never imagined it would look like this. The falling leaves and visual changing of the seasons is something we don’t have back home, and that Portland fully delivers on.

All in all, my “Strava” said we rode 62.7 Miles with 5,581 ft of climbing. Granted that factors in the Sandwich and fries I grabbed afterwards, but still. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a lot for me, but I’m glad I had someone like Dustin around to hand down some pro tips. We’ll have to do more rides like this.

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