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Charlie Sauve


August 10, 2015

Canadian Native, Charlie Sauve was coincidentally in NY the same time we were. So we met up, hung out, and stacked some clips of him for the video we’re making of our trip there. I’ve never met Charlie up until this point and almost didn’t recognize form all of the TAZ Skatepark videos he’s made. Read more below to check out another shot of him riding over the Brooklyn bridge, as well as his latest web video.

35MM – NEW YORK 2015

July 3, 2015



After nearly 9 months of being out of commission, I finally brushed the dust off the 35mm camera and brought it along on our trip to New York last weekend. Although I only shot one roll of film during the four days we were there, I made up for it by taking a million more digital photos that I’ll be posting up over the next few weeks. We met up with a bunch of the riders from the Block Bullies while we were there and even saw a couple FGFS riders from out of town who came out for the Red Bull Over/Under race. We’re going to start cutting together a video from our trip in the next couple of days and will release that in the next month or so. Until then, check out more photos below.